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SOLD#A1-BABY HIPPO(1977-80). A happy hippo. MIB. Frosted glass with silver plastic head. Topaze cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 3 3/4"L and 1 3/4"H at rump. Price:$12

#A2-WILLY THE WORM PINPAL GLACE(1974-75). I would love this wormy apple. MIB. Red apple and green worm. Glace is full. Box shows some slight wear and soiling. Price:$25

#A3-BON BON "BLACK"(1973). Very regal fellow. MIB. Black milk glass with black plastic head. Field Flowers cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 5"H and 1 1/4"W. Nice detail. Price:$20

#A4-BLUE MOO PIN PAL(1973). Sassy blue cow. MIB. Blue cow with pink, white and black detail. Glace full. Box in very good cond. Price:$25

SOLD#A5-GREEN-EYED SUSAN COMPACT(1980). What an eye opener. MIB. Bright yellow flower with pale green center that unscrews to reveal eye shadow. Color-Jaunty Jade. 2 1/2"dia. I do not belive this has ever been used due to the perfect cond. and nice box. The eye shadow has dried with age. Seldom seen. Box is in good cond. Price:$40

#A6-BON BON "WHITE"(1972-73). Elegant lady. MIB. White milk glass with white plastic head. Topaze cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 5"H and 1 1/4"W. Nice detail. Price:$20

SOLD#A7-FAIRYTALE FROG(1976). Could he be a prince? MIB. Clear glass with gold plastic frog cap. Sweet Honesty cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 3 1/4"H and 2 1/4"W. Box shows wear to edges and left back corner has some creases from being dented in. Really cute! Price:$15

SOLD#A8-AVON #1 HIT COMPACT. MIB. Album shaped lip gloss compact from the early 70's. Shiny Cinnamon and Shiny Crystal. Full, untouched. Box has some wear to corners. Price:$55

SOLD#A9-MAGIC PUMPKIN COACH(1976-77). Cinderella would have loved this one. MIB. Clear glass with hearts and vines design. Gold plastic cap. Occuri cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 2 7/8"H and 2 1/4"W. Adorable! Price:$15

#A10-PUPPY LOVE PIN PAL(1974). Who could resist this little fellow? MIB. Tan and brown puppy on pink pillow. Glace is full. Box is in very good cond. Price:$25