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SOLD#A11-SNIFFY "SKUNK"(1978-80). No need to run from this little guy. Black glass with white painted stripe. Black plastic head w/white. Pink fabric flower included to be placed between paws. Topaze cologne. 1.25 FL.OZ. 3 1/2"H and 2 1/2"W stomach to tail. There is a manufacturing flaw to underside of head as seen in picture. Not noticeable when head is on. This is new in box. Very cute! Price:$15

#A12-ROCK-A-ROO PIN Pal(1975). Baby Roo rocks side to side in Mom's pouch. MIB. Mom is light pink and baby is a darker pink. Glace is full. Box is in good cond. Price:$25

SOLD#A13-LITTLE BURRO(1978-79). This little gal has had a long day at market, time to rest. MIB. Light gray glass with same plastic head. Straw hat with pink flower included to be placed. Charisma cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 3 1/2"H and 3"W. Box shows some wear to one corner. Price:$12

SOLD#A14-HERSHEY'S KISS (1983). Delicious Chocolate. Hershey's Kiss chocolate lip gloss. MIB. 1 5/8" dia. and 1 3/4"H. Box is in good cond. Price:$40

SOLD#A15-CALICO CAT PIN PAL(1974-75). Purrrrrrfect little kitty. MIB. Blue with white and black detail. Glace is full. Box is in very good cond. Price:$25

SOLD#A16-PRECIOUS SLIPPER(1973-74). Sweet miniature. MIB. Frosted glass bottle embossed with little flower pattern. Gold flower cap. Moonwind perfume. .25 FL. OZ. 1 1/4"H and 2 5/8" long. 3/4-1/2 full, loss due to evaporation. Box in good cond. Price:$20

#A17-PRECIOUS DOE(1976-78). Could this be Bambi's friend? MIB. Frosted glass bottle with frosted plastic head and silver eyes. Field Flowers cologne. .5 FL.OZ. 2 3/4"H and 2 3/4"W. Price:$15

SOLD#A18-ICE CREAM CONE LIP POMADE(1974-76). Delicious chocolate ice cream cone. Mmmmmm! MIB. Brown ice cream cap with cone. Never used. Box in very good cond. Price:$35

SOLD#A19-HER PRETTINESS FRAGRANCE GLACE COMPACT. Sweet ladybug. Bright orange wings with black spots and lime green belly. Full of glace, untouched. Label on bottom. 1 7/8"L and 7/8"H. MIB. Box in very good cond. Price:$35

#A20-LOOKING GLASS(1970-72). Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all? MIB. Clear glass hand mirror with gold plastic handle. Oval mirror on one side and oval label on the other. Somewhere cologne. 1.5 FL.OZ. 6 1/2"L and 3"W. Box has a stain on bottom flap and wear to edges. Slight soiling. Very elegant! Price:$25