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#A21-LOVABLE SEAL(1976-77). Lighthearted fellow. Frosted glass bottle with gold plastic ball cap. Here's My Heart cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 5"H and 1 1/2"W. 3/4 full. I believe this is from leakage as there is a stain on the box. Box in fair cond. Price:$12

#A22-ORIENTAL FAN PERFUME GLACE(1982-83). Adorable red plastic fan with black tassle. MIB. Still has clear plastic covering glace. Fragrance is Candid. 3" from one side of fan to the other. Box is in good cond. with slight wear to edges. Price:$30

#A23-STRAWBERRY FAIR PERFUME(1974-75). Really precious with great detail. Deep red glass with dimples and silver plastic screw on cap. MIB. Moonwind perfume. 1/8 FL OZ. 2"L and 1"W. Price:$35

#A24-SNUG CUB(1979-80). Jolly little bear. MIB. Milk glass with green and pink trim. Green cap. Occur cologne. 1 FL.OZ. 3 1/4"H and 1 1/2"W. Box has wear to corners and a couple creases. Really cute! Price:$15

#A25-WEE WILLY WINTER PIN PAL GLACE(1974-75). No hugs, he might melt. MIB. White snowman with pink hat, scarf, and mittens. Glace is full. Box is in good cond. Price:$25

SOLD#A26-SNIFFY SKUNK PIN PAL GLACE(1972-75). Don't run from this guy. He smells good! MIB. Black, white, and pink. Full of glace. Box in nice condition. Price:$25

SOLD#A27-OOPS! COLOGNE DECANTER(1981). This one is really cute. Ice cream is white glass with brown spots (in glass not paint). Cone is plastic and snaps on bottle. Sweet Honesty cologne. 1.5 FL OZ. MIB. 2 1/4"W at base and 5"H to tip of cone. Box has some slight wear. Price:$20

#A28-SCHOOL DAYS PENCIL LIP POMADE(1975-76). The hard to find Tutti-Fruiti flavor. MIB. Red with white and yellow detail. Never used. Price:$35

#A29-MERRY MOUSE(1979-80). Santa's helper. MIB. White milk glass bottle with plastic head that has a plastic piece of holly. Zany cologne. .75 FL.OZ. 3 3/4"H and 1 1/2"W. Adorable! Price:$20

SOLD#A30-CRAYOLA LIP GLOSS SET(1980-81). Could you have fun with these! Strawberry, chocolate, and grape flavor. Mint, never used. They smell good enough to eat. Price:$30