If you would like additional pictures or information, don't hesitate to e-mail me!

SOLD#C1-TRIOETTE COMPACT, Plate. Excellent vintage piece. Tortoise color. Plastic vanity shaped like a hand mirror. Opens on both sides. One side mirror and powder compartment with puff. Other side contains rouge compartment with puff, exterior mirror on rouge lid. Lipstick slides out of handle. Lipstick is full. Some powder present with screen & puff. Rouge has origianl cellophane & puff. Exterior mirror has very slight haze. 2 3/4" dia and 4 1/4"L. Very nice!! Price:$135

SOLD#C2-MAURESQUE COMPACT, Coty. This is a very unique and pretty compact. MIB. Polished goldtone with an open flower design on the lid. The mirror shows through the open design. Quite striking. Compact opens up to powder compact which has a door and puff. The inside upper lid has a door that opens and the mirror is on the reverse side for viewing. Powder door and puff have the Coty signature. There is a black case and packet of Coty airspun powder, L'Aimant Soleil D'or. The original box is in good condition. It has the same design as the top of the compact. Beautiful piece! Price:$65

SOLD#C3-MID-DAY COMPACT, Lucretia Vanderbilt. Nice ivory enamel compact with goldtone butterfly on lid. Gold foil label on back reads Mid-Day, shows wear around edges. Opens up to the metal mirror and powder compart which is marked in script Lucretia Vanderbilt. Powder door opens and closes nicely. Puff present. Pull up the metal mirror to see the rouge compart. Mirror can be viewed from either side. Rouge compartment is missing the metal tin for the rouge but puff is present. 1 3/4"W and 2 1/2"D. Enamel is in good condition. Surface wear to the gold butterfly and edges of compact. This dates to the 1940's. Price:$40

#C4-ART DECO COMPACT 1926. This is a wonderful OLD horeshoe-shaped vanity case; powder and rouge compartments and swivel mirror. It does show signs of wear, but after 77 years I think it looks really good. There is only one small spot (at the top of lid) that is rather discolored. Looks like a small drop of something spilt on it. The compact is a silver metal and the lid is done in a goldtone with black wash. The embossed picture depicts a woman in a gown taking a glass(?) from a tray being held by a small figure of a servant(?). There are elegant candleholders on each side of the walls and what looks to be a cathedral window above. There are five minor dents on the lid which you can see in the pictures. Nothing major. There is a small eyelet in the hinge. I believe this had a finger ring chain attached at one time. The swivel mirror works fine. There is some hazing to it. The lip on the rouge compartment is stamped PAT. OCT. 5-26. Measures 2 1/2"D and 2"W at the widest point. Back is tooled. Price:$75

#C5-HI-SOCIETY LIPSTICK COMPACT, Max Factor. Very nice Mother of Pearl compact with pop up lipstick. Mirror is nice. 2 1/4"L and 1 1/8"D. Lipstick never used. Color Brilliant Red. Bottom of compact marked Max Factor Hollywood, London, Paris. USA Patent No. 2,830,602. Container Made In England. Patent No. dates this to 1958. Price:$35

#C6-MOTHER OF PEARL COMPACT. Beautiful compact that has never been used. It is unmarked but comes in a Gimbels gift box. Brushed goldtone with bevelled mirror. Nice mirror. Powder door. Puff present. 2 1/2"W and 2"D. Late 60's or early 70's. Price:$45

#C7-GOLDTONE COMPACT, Elgin American. Elegant brushed goldtone compact with polished goldtone flowers & vine on the lid. Mirror has slight haze. Puff present. Powder door. Almost full of powder. Slight surface marking to the back and top. 3 3/8" at the widest and 2 7/8"D. Marked Elgin American made in Canada on powder door. This is quite striking and with minimal wear. Price:$35

SOLD#C8-CONFETTI COMPACT, Zell. Nice, fun compact. The vinyl insert on the front reminds me of the confetti that would be falling on New Year's Eve. Goldtone finish. Screen and puff present. Puff marked Zell Fifth Avenue, has been used. Small amount of powder remains. Clean mirror. 3 1/4"W and 2 1/4"D. Price:$25

#C9-MARVELOUS ROUGE COMPACT, Richard Hudnut. Nice silvertone rouge compact. Black enamel detail in center. Silhoutte of a figure kneeling. Nice mirror. Puff present. 3/4 of rouge remains. Stamped on back MARVELOUS Richard Hudnut Made in the USA. Brown paper label center back is worn reads Parisian. 1 1/2" dia. Price:$25

SOLD#C10-FLOWER COMPACT, Fifth Ave.. Handpainted flower bouquet on silver background. I believe this is aluminum with a silver finish. Bevelled mirror that does show hazing. Silvertone finish is worn around edges. Marked Made in USA below closure. Screen present, no puff. 2 3/4" square. Box is worn, marked Fifth Ave. Quite striking even with wear. Price:$20