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SOLD#M1-FOLLOW ME, Varva. Wonderful mini in a hatbox design. In 1938 the New York company Varva introduced 'Suivez Moi'(Follow Me). Varva was affliated to Tre-Jur Perfumerie. 'Suivez Moi' was originally presented as a large pearl ring. The pearlized bottle was inverted in a ring setting affixed to the box base. This mini comes in a hatbox design with a label that reads: Follow Me, Suivez Moi, Varva. Hatbox is 2 3/4" dia. and 1 3/4"H. Miniature glass bottle lies in a bed of cotton(?) with the original plastic seal across the top of box. Mini is 2"H., brass screw on cap, paper label that reads same as the box with contents 1/4 FL.OZ., and is 3/4 full loss due to age since this is still sealed in the box. Price:$55

#M2-PERFUME TRIO, Lucien LeLong. This is an exceptional set. All three pebble bottles have their orginal rubber stoppers under gold metal screw on caps. Octagon shape. LL logo in relief on back of bottles. Each contains 0.135 FL. OZ. with slight evaporation. Everything is great except for fading to the outside of the lavender velour box. Fragrances are "Tailspin, Indiscret, and Balalaika". Pebble bottles are 1 7/8"D, 1 1/2"W, and 1/2"H. Labels are black with gold print. Box is 3"D, 6 1/2"W, and 1"H. Small paper label on back of box reads "Perfume TRIO Tailspin, Indiscret, Balalaika Parfums Lucien LeLong New York Paris London. Top of box has Lucien LeLong Paris New York London in gold. This is just a wonderful set! Price:$105

#M3-EARLY AMERICAN OLD SPICE, Shulton. Sweet presentation from Shulton. Balsa(?) wood oval box with Early American painting. Looks to be hand painted on the lid and around the edges. Inside of box is lined with red & white pinstripe material and rickrack around top edge. Inside of lid is lined the same. Enamel figure similar to lid on front of mini and similar flower design on back. Brass screw on cap with original tassles. Bottle is empty with small amount of dried perfume and cap is frozen, though I haven't tried real hard to loosen. Mini is 1 3/4"H and 1"W. Held in place by elastic thread. Box measures 2 3/4"D and 2 1/4"W. Paper label on back of box reads Perfume 1/8 FL OZ. Early American Old Spice Shulton Inc. Distributors, Hoboken, N.J. Made in the USA. Old Spice trademark filed in 1938. Name first used in 1936 by Shulton. Price:$50

SOLD#M4-NUIT DE NOEL, Caron. Very striking miniture. "Nuit De Noel" introduced in 1922. Bottle is opaque black glass. Box is cardboard covered with paper imitating shagreen. 2 5/8"H and 1 1/2" at the shoulders. Empty. Bottom of bottle and bottom of stopper etched with the number 15. Box is 3"H and 1 3/4"W. Both in very good condition. Price:$85

SOLD#M5-WHITE SHOULDERS, Evyan. Striking gold bottle with white lettering that reads Evyan White Shoulders Perfume Essence Parfums Evyan Inc New York, N.Y. Gold plastic screw on lid. Seemss to be nearly full. Price:$20

SOLD#M6-SOIR de PARIS, Bourjois. Beautiful blue glass miniature. Silver foil label reads Soir de Paris Bourjois Paris. Slight wear to upper portion of label. Black plastic screw on lid. Rectangular paper label on back of bottle perhaps chinese. 1 3/4" diameter. Price:$35

SOLD#M7-ESSENCE RARE, Houbigant. Price:$

#M8-L'AIR DU TEMPS, Nina Ricci. Beautiful mini that is getting harder to find. Frosted dove in high relief, clear glass bottle. Gold screw on cap with beaded edge. Never opened, still has a piece of the gold tag around neck. 1/6 Fl OZ. Excellent. Price:$30

SOLD#M9-HYPNOTIQUE SOPHISTI-CAT, Max Factor. A really great presentation! The colored cats are harder to find. This one is in very good condition. Feather boa is in good cond. Perfume is nearly full, slight loss due to evaporation. Plastic dome has some minor scuffing. .15 fl. oz. Hypnotique perfume. I believe this to have never been open. 6"H and 2 3/4"W. Very nice. Price:$40

SOLD#M10-JASMIN D'ASIE, L.Legrand. Price:$