If you would like additional pictures or information, don't hesitate to e-mail me!

SOLD#M11-MOST PRECIOUS, Evyan. This is the frosted pebble bottle with metal screw on cap. Bottle is 3/4 full. Gold foil label that reads "Evyan Most Precious Cologne Evyans perfumes inc. New York N.Y.". Price:$20

SOLD#M12-EVENING IN PARIS PERFUME, Bourjois. Beautiful blue bullet shaped purse vial with tassle. Blue plastic screw on lid. Nice silver and blue rectangular label. Trace amount of perfume. 3"L and 1/2"W. Price:$18

#M13-L'ORIGAN, Coty. This is an adorable cube mini with gold plastic screw on cap. All the edges are bevelled. There is a clear label on the side with gold lettering which reads L'Origan Perfume and a paper label on the bottom. Both labels are nice. Originally held .125 Fl. OZ. Now about 1/2 full. The bottle itself is 7/8" square. Measures 1 3/8" to top of cap. From the 60's. Price:$20

#M14-"LE CASTEL", Lucien LeLong. Excellent presentation. Introduced and patented in 1940, this holds four miniature bottles. The bottle display unit was designed by John D. Buckingham. The bottles were made by Wheaton. I believe the display is bakelite, possibly catlain. The fragrances are Tailspin, Marguerite, Wild Violet, and Indiscrete. Each bottle is 2 3/8"H. All have their original labels with slight wear. Each has a knob on bottom backside that slips into a notch of display so they stay snugly. All bottles are empty with residue. Triangular shape at base measuring 2 1/4" each side. Base to top of middle bottle 3"H. Very nice!! Price:$95

SOLD#M15-LALIQUE LES INTROUVABLES THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION. This beautiful set presents the glass miniature replicas, filled with perfume, of the last three "Millesime" flacons: "Le Nu"-1996, "Amour"-1997, and "Ondines"-1998. MIB. Price:$85

SOLD#M16-ANN KEIN II. This fragrance is getting very hard to find. 2 1/2"H and 7/8"W. Bottle is nearly full. Price:$30

#M17-DEVON VIOLETS, Great Britain. Very nice bottle made in Great Britain. 2 1/4"H (to top of bottle) and 1 7/8"W. Label on bottom reads Lownds Pateman Ltd., Torquay England, Net Contents 5 fl.dr. Empty. Price:$25

SOLD#M18-VIOLET, BoKay. Adorable presentation! Wooden butterchurn with a small vial of perfume attached to top. Nice silver and purple foil label. Vial is 1 1/8"H and 1/2"W. Butterchurn stands 2 3/4" to tip of handle. Very nice cond. 1940's. Price:$35

SOLD#M19-ROYAL PURPLE PERFUME, The Herb Farm Shop. Sweet miniature with original box. 2 1/2"H to little knob on cap and 5/8"W. The cap is a clear plastic design with a small white plastic screw on cap insert. Gold script on bottle reads "Royal Purple Perfume, The Herb Farm Shop Ltd. Distributors New York 1/8 FL OZS.". 1/3 full. Usually I don't care for the older fragrances but this is nice. Early 50"s. The cardboard box top was once attached to the base and would flip open, it is now seperated. The clear plastic cap has some spiderwebbibg in the plastic but no cracks. A really sweet mini! Price$30

#M20-TABU, Dana. Miniature for Tabu Eau De Cologne. Criss cross design along the two sides of the bottle. White plastic screw on cap. Black with red paper label and white lettering. 2 1/2"H and 1 1/2"W. 1/2 FL.OZ. Almost full, slight loss probally due to evaporation. Looks new. Price:$15