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SOLD#P1-SIROCCO, Lucien Lelong. A wonderful flacon seen many times in the miniature, but rarely in the full size. All glass bottle with solid glass stopper. Gold label with black lettering set into the base. Reads "SIROCCO". 8"H, 2 5/8"W at the base, 2 1/2"W at the shoulders. 1/3 full. Clear label on bottom of bottle reads "Perfume Sirocco Lucien Lelong New York Chicago Contents 8 Fluid Ounces. No. 8. No faults that I can find. Exceptional!!! Price:$155

SOLD#P2-COLOGNE BOTTLE, Fenton Glass Co. This a beautiful french opalescent cologne bottle with a feather or fern pattern (it has been called both). Very Hard to find this one. The opalescent dot and spiral pattern are more common. This line was produced from 1938-39. Fenton sold these bottles to other companies such as Wrisley and De Vilbiss Co. of Toledo Ohio for their perfumes. Bottle stands 6"H to the top of the stopper. Excellent cond. Not the original cork, but my husband did an excellant job on replacing cork. Price:$100

#P3-IMPERIAL RUSSE, Charbert. Charbert used this drum flacon for several of its perfumes beginning in the '30's. This came in its original box which was damaged. The stopper is clear plastic which sits over a gold metal screw on cap. I have not opened. The clear plastic stopper has hairline crackes on one side. This is a beautiful presentation, but I am not sure how the plastic will hold up if opened. Original gold hang tag reads "Imperial Russe Chambert, Charbert Eau de Toilette Cont. 6 OZ". 5 1/2"H and 3 3/4"W at the shoulders, glass bottle ribbed with a drum design. Price:$45

#P4-SWEET SPICE, Dorothy Gray. This one is fun. Nice older cologne. The glass bottle is ribbed in the back and smooth on the front. White enamel lettering on front reads "SWEET SPICE, Hot Weather Cologne, Dorothy Gray, 6 1/2 FL OZ". Bright yellow plastic screw on cap. 6 1/8"H and 3 1/8"W at the shoulders. Price $15

#P5-SHOCKING, Schiaparelli. Dressmaker's flacon designed by Elsa Schiaparelli for "Shocking" perfume, introduced in 1937. Glass flowers typify the escaping fragrance. This bottle is missing the glass dome, and the paper tape measure that was draped around the neck. There are eight glass flowers present and two of these are half. Bottle sets in a cardboard and silver foil base and I have not tried to remove it. Glass and gold stopper with part of the plastic seal over the top. Small clear label at base of bottle reads "Parfums Schiaparelli Inc. Distributors New York Net Cont. 1 3/4 FL OZ. About 1/5 of the perfume remains and the bottle is just under 5"H. Price $55

SOLD#P6-EARLY AMERICAN OLD SPICE, Shulton. Very old product from Shulton. This has a metal cap with metal stopper and the cardboard band. Never opened. Red enamel lettering, original red string that has faded some. Glass has a ripple effect. Lettering reads- Early American Old Spice, Toilet Water, Shulton. 4 3/4H and 2 1/8"W. From the late 30's. Price:$20

#P7-COLONY, Jean Patou. Lovely crystal flacon with a golden lotus for a stopper. U.S. introduction 1937. Stands 5"H. Original hang tag is stained with perfume. Reads "Colony, Jean Patou, Paris" and picture of a sailing ship. Base of bottle is also gold. The base from the original box is present. It slides out so bottle can be removed. Very sturdy perhaps balsa wood. It is gold and green. Some slight wear to the gold gilding on the tips of the lotus petals. The only flaw, which I just now found while writing this, is a tiny fleabite to the edge of one petal. Until feeling it, I had thought it was just where the gilding had worn. See fourth picture. In comparison to something, I would say it is about the size of a poppy seed (doesn't quite measure 1/16"X1/16"). Trace of perfume remains. Price:$130

#P8-COLOGNE BOTTLE, Fenton Glass Co. This is a beautiful french opalescent hobnail cologne bottle. This line was produced from 1938-39. Fenton sold these bottles to other companies such as Wrisley and De Vilbiss Co. of Toledo Ohio for their perfumes. Bottle stands 6 1/4"H to the top of the stopper. Cork is stuck in the neck of the bottle. Stopper fits snugly in cork. Original label on the bottom reads "Honail, Pastel, Cologne, Wrisley, Gardenia, Cont. 9 FL. OZ". Excellent cond. Price:$45

#P9-QUELQUES FLEURS, Houbigant. Nice glass bottle with blue plastic puff screw on cap. Clean label with red, blue, yellow, and green flower design. Reads "Quelques Fleurs Eau De Toilette Houbigant New York Cont. 1 OZ. Compd. in US". 3 1/2"H and 1 7/8"W. Nearly full. Houbigant 5 embossed on bottom. Price:$25

#P10-CHANTILLY, Houbigant. Nice bottle with solid glass octogan stopper. White enamel lettering on front of bottle. Reads "Chantilly Houbigant Paris". Polished bottom. Trace of perfume. 3 1/2"H and 1 1/2"W. Price:$20