If you would like additional pictures or information, don't hesitate to e-mail me!

#PB1-EVENING IN PARIS, Bourjois. Wonderful EIP face powder. In great condition. Sealed and with a clear plastic ruffled bottom. Colors and graphics are bright. Diameter 3 1/2" top, 3 7/8" bottom, and 1 1/2"H. Side of box reads "Evening In Paris Bourjois New York Net Wt. 2 5/8 OZS." Bottom has a small silver oval label that reads "Rachel No. 2" and is also embossed "Evening In Paris Bourjois New York". Price:$45

#PB2-SPRING FANCY, Prince Matchabelli. Beautiful old Prince Matchabelli dusting powder. The trademark for Spring Fancy was filed in 1956 and the Co. first used the name in 1955. This powder has original paper seal. Bottom reads "Dusting Powder Net Contents 6 oz. Prince Matchabelli Inc. New York". Graphics are colorful & detailed. Powder is 4"H and 4 1/4" Dia. Puff is fuzzy green with five small flowers in center. Outer box is in good condition. Price:$25

#PB3-WOODHUE BATH POWDER, FABERGE. What a great find! Large unopened container of Woodhue, Faberge Bath Powder. The puff is in excellent condition. The powder box has original paper seal with a clear plastic lid. The gold & brown foil cardboard container stands 3 1/2"H and 5" Dia. There is no contents weight on the box, but on a scale the powder box and contents weigh 14 oz. Price:$40

#PB4-PARK & TILFORD. Older cardboard face powder with nice graphics. Colors are pink, blue, black, white, and cream. Diameter 3 1/4" and 3/4"H. Color Rose Brunette. Bottom reads "Park & Tilford Face Powder silky smooth-never cakes-spreads evenly- smartest, most glamorous shades.". Also tells about their other Beauty Aids. Box is sealed. Price:$15

#PB5-IDEAL, Sofia, Bulgaria. This is a beautiful face powder from Bulgaria. Sealed and in excellent condition. The information I have is as follows: The name is "Ideal", written in script Cyrillic above the cockatoo, and the color is Rachel (PAshElamda) stamped on the back. The rest of the writting on the back is the company name and location which is Sofia, Bulgaria. Dates 1940-44. I purchased a couple of these powders still in the original cardboard case. 2"dia. and 7/8"H. Orange, gold, white, yellow, and black detail. Price:$25

#PB6-DREAMFLOWER POWDER, Pond's. Excellent cardboard face powder with great graphics. Still sealed. 2 5/8" dia. Shade "Dusk Rose". Price:$10

#PB7-DREAMGLO, Woodbury. Newer face powder in hard plastic. Great silvery blue color, gold lettering, and indented design on lid. Sealed. Bottom embossed Woodbury Dream Glo Face Powder With Dreamlite- Helps Your Beauty Come Alive Net. Wt. 1 OZ. Price:$10

#PB8-LUCIEN LELONG Paris. This is a very old LL powder. It has been opened but does have about half the powder left. Gold embossed graphics on top. There is some wear to the top as seen in picture. Very striking design on top. Price:$20

#PB9-NARCISSE FACE POWDER, Harmony of Boston. Beautiful detail on this powder box. The blue and gold flowers feel as though they are embossed. Orange and black background, gold trim on edges. Very good condition. Seal has been broken, but is in place. Full of powder. I believe this to also be from the 1920's, no later then the mid 30's. Color flesh, marked on bottom. 3 1/4" dia. and 2 1/4"H. Reads "Narcisse Cold Cream Face Powder Harmony of Boston" on top. This was also purchased from the old drug store's stock in S.C. Price:$60

#PB10-WOODBURY'S FACIAL POWDER, John H. Woodbury Inc. Nice facial powder. Original insert. Color-Light Rachel. This came from old drug store stock. Just like brand new. Top of box reads-Woodbury's Facial Powder, Germ * Free, Light Rachel. Side of box reads-John H. Woodbury Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio with the silhouette of a side view of a man's face. Insert tells of their products. 2 1/8" square. Glossy finish and a beautiful blue with white detail. Top of box has a star in each corner and two ladies by a chaise lounge. Price:$10