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#PB11-NYLOTIS FACE POWDER, Nyal Co. Wonderful face powder!! The graphics and color are outstanding. Sealed. 3" square. 2 3/4 ounce. Color Flesh. This is from the early 1920's. One side of box says "New Style adopted in 1919" in a pink circle. I purchased from an old drug store's stock in S.C. This is just like #PB2 but it is the larger size. Price:$50

SOLD#PB12-LUCIEN LELONG GLASS POWDER BOX, Patented 1944. This is a beautiful clear glass powder jar with white enameling. No chips or cracks. 3 1/2" dia. and 2" high. Front of jar reads, Lucien Lelong Face Powder Distributed by Lucien Lelong New York 5 OZS. Net weight. Price:$40

#PB13-TUT FLEURS FACE POWDER, Lothaire. Beautiful design. Red and black vinyl like material w/foil emblem on top. Accented with gold and inside is sealed with gold foil. Color: Flesh. Measures 3 3/4"W, 2 7/8"D, and 1 3/4"H. Has original outer cardboard box. Price:$30

#PB14-DREAMFLOWER, Pond's. Nice bright yellow plastic with a large yellow flower duster. Sealed and smells great. 5" diameter and 2 1/2"H. Gold and white label raeds "Pond's Dreamflower Dusting Powder Net. Wt. 5 OZ.". Bottom embossed the same. Price:$20

SOLD#PB15-THREE FLOWERS FACE POWDER SAMPLE, Richard Hudnut. Adorable sample box. 1 1/2"W by 1"H. Sealed (small tear to seal but full). Wonderful color and design. Excellent cond. Price:$25

SOLD#PB16-THREE FLOWERS FACE POWDER, Richard Hudnut. This is a nice older powder that has a really neat insert for Three Flowers Toilet Water. The graphics on both the box and insert are wonderful. Powder is sealed. There is an indentation on the left side of the top which has caused it to crease, crack (see picture). Colors are vibrant. 3 1/4" dia. and 2"H. Color is Naturelle, marked on bottom. Three Flowers trademark was filed in 1923. Price:$30