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#S1-SPRING SONG COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Max Factor. Fragrance "Aquarius". Goldtone with three colorful agate eggs. NIce label present on bottom. 1/3 full. Slight wear to gold finish around bird's feet. Very good condition. Price:$75

SOLD#S2-GOLDEN ROPE COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Estee Lauder. Fragrance "Youth-Dew". This solid was first introduced in 1968 and then re-issued in 1971. Label present on bottom with slight wear. Half of the solid perfume remains which has darkened with age. Very nice! Price:$40

SOLD#S3-STATUE OF LIBERTY SOLID PERFUME, Estee Lauder. Fragrance "Dazzling Gold". Goldtone solid perfume. Resembles the Statue of Liberty holding a tube of lipstick in place of the torch. Inside of lid marked Estee Lauder 2000. Beautiful! 2000 presentation. MIB. Price:$120

#S4-PINK RHINESTONE HEART COMPACT, Victoria's Secret. 1998 presentation. Mint in box. Vibrant pink rhinestones in goldtone heart shaped case. Back of solid is engraved VITORIA'S SECRET 1998. Label reads VICTORIA Solid Powder Perfume. Comes with a refill and black pouch. Price:$90

SOLD#S5-PARMA PAISLEY COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Estee Lauder. Fragrance "Youth Dew". This solid was introduced in 1974. Very good condition with label on bottom (slightly worn). Full of solid perfume that is discolored with age. Price:$70

#S6-WALNUT COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME. Antique goldtone finish with two amber glass drops suspended by short chains. No label or mark. 3/4 full. Very good condition. Price:$45

SOLD#S7-MAGICAL UNICORN COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Estee Lauder. Fragrance "Pleasures". Goldtone with a lei of red and green enamel flowers enhanced with rhinestones around neck. Rhinestone eye. 2001 presentation. MIB. Price:$100

#S8-FLORAL COMPOTE COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Max Factor. Fragrance "Hypnotique". Excellent condition with perfect label on bottom. 3/4 full of solid perfume which has darkened some with age. Six rhinestones on top, three light blue and three topaz. Price:$55

SOLD#S9-FROG COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Fuller Brush. This is an adorable frog with big red stone eyes. Goldtone finish and so similar to the Fuller Brush Blowfish, I believe it to be Fuller Brush, but not positive. This is the first one I have had. 3/4 full. Price:$55

SOLD#S10-BUBBLY COMPACT FOR SOLID PERFUME, Estee Lauder. Fragrance "Pleasures". Green and gold champagne bottle set in a silvertone bucket filled with ice cubes. 2000 imprinted on front of bucket. 1999 presentation. MIB. Price:$100