If you would like additional pictures or information, don't hesitate to e-mail me!

#T&M1-EVENING IN PARIS TALC, Bourjois. Beautiful blue glass talcum by EIP. Excellent cond. Original box that does show wear. Top flap torn off but is present. This is the older Evening in Paris with the silver foil triangle label with cresent moon and star. Silver metal shaker cap. Never used. Label has slight wear from being in the box. 4 3/4"H and 2 3/4"W. Embossed BOURJOIS on bottom. Net contents 92 GMS. Full. Price:$45

#T&M2-VANITY WHISK BRUSH. This is an adorable whisk brush for your vanity table. In origianl box with lid. Never used. The insert that holds the brush reads: This Little Maid with dress so gay, Place on your dresser, And use each day. To brush off powder that scatters about, She'll do the job, without any doubt. Handle is painted wood with varethane finish. Colors are ivory, pink, yellow, black, and touch of red for lips. 5 1/2"H from tip of hat to bottom of broom. Looks like 50's or early 60's. Price:$30

#T&M3-FLOWERTIME TALC, Avon. 1949-53. Elegant older talc with brass shaker top. Cardboard is still under the holes in the shaker. 3 3/4 oz. 3/4 or more full. Clean label. Molded Avon in script on bottom. 4 1/2"H and 2 3/4" at shoulders. Very nice cond. Price:$25

#T&M4-EARLY AMERICAN ADVERTISEMENT FAN, Shulton. This is an exceptional paper fan from the late 30's. When open it is 12 1/4" across and 6 3/4"H. Depicts five Early American Ladies with their fans in different positions. The front of the fan reads: Instructions for the genteel Female in the proper Coquetry of the fan. Ladies employing these Rules in the Exercise of the Fan do so at their own Descretion & Risk. Above first lady reads: Do not be so imprudent; Below: Threaten with the shut fan. Second lady above: Why do you misunderstand me?; Below: Gaze pensively at unfolded fan. Third lady above: I love you; Below: Draw fan across the cheek. Fourth lady above: Do not betray our secret; Below: Cover the left ear with open fan. Fifth lady above: You may kiss me; Below: Press half open fan to the lips. The back of the fan reads: The Early American lady found the fan an indis pensensable aid in keeping cool and a fascinating weapon of coquetry. She used it gently to and fro-colling herself but fanning flames of love into the hearts of gallant swains. Today's indispensable aid in keeping cool is EARLY AMERICAN Old Spice Talcum, enchantingly scented with roses and spice. With it use this quaint fan to speak your language of coquetry & charm. *Trademark applied for by SHULTON, Inc., Rockefeller Center, 630 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C. Copyright 1939. This fan is in very good condition. Colors are bright and doesn't appear to have been used, but kept folded up. If you would like larger pictures & are truly interested, please email. I will be happy to oblige. Price:$60

SOLD#T&M5-YARDLEY CREAM JAR. Heavy glass jar with plastic screw on lid. The lid is the shape of a flower with four bees for the center. Yardley England moulded on bottom of jar. Yardley London in fine script on lid edge. 2 3/4"H and 2 3/4" dia. Nice beige color. Price:$12

SOLD#T&M6-JOCKEY CLUB PERFUME CARD, Stearns'. Very pretty advertisement card for Strearn's Fine Perfumes. Picture on card is of a cabin by a lake w/snow, people walking, trees, and a cherry blossom(?) branch in the foreground. Front reads-Trial Sample of Stearns' Jockey * Club. A very Choice and Popular Odor. Compliments of R.M. Green, Oroville Drug Store. There is a small paper tag on the front that would have held the sample on the card. The back tells about Sterans' other fine "odors" and lists them. Beautiful graphices on this old piece. Oroville Drug Store was in Oroville, California. For larger picture email. Price:$18

SOLD#T&M7-ECLAT TALC POWDER SAMPLE, Colgate. Very nice sample talc tin from Colgate. Cream color with deep purple band around middle. Gold and black accents. 2"H and 1 1/4"W. Shaker top opens and closes nicely. About 3/4 full. Very slight wear to the cream right below shoulders on rim as seen in picture. Fine print at base of tin reads Guaranteed By Colgate & Co. Under The Food And Drug Act of June 30 1906 Guaranty No.1806. Out of curiousity I looked up Eclat and its meaning is "dazzling effect; Brilliance". Price:$35

SOLD#T&M8-SMELLING SALTS CONTAINER. This is a beautiful miniature container. I have been told, it was used to hold smelling salts. Pull the stem out of the top and scent came out the small hole. The color green is so striking. Very nice glass with darker green line around neck and base. Not even, like the green was being swirled. Wish I knew more about glass. Possibly jadeite. Gold metal screw on cap with pull up stem. 3"H and 7/8" at base. Price:$35

SOLD#T&M9-2 PROMOTIONAL GIVE AWAYS. These are small emryboards in a matchbook like setup. There are two of these. The one pictured has four emryboards and other is full with five. Front reads"Cedar Ridge Ladies Shop Phone 273-4664 G.V.-Colfax Hwy. Cedar Ridge, Calif.". They measure 2 3/4"L and 1 5/8"W. Price:$10

#T&M10-APRIL VIOLETS, Yardley. Nice tin. 8 oz. Empty. Some wear to enamel on shoulders and one spot top front. Slight rust bottom edge. Price:$8