If you would like additional pictures or information, don't hesitate to e-mail me!

#T&M11-CUP & SAUCER, Houbigant. Sweet little cup and saucer. Saucer is 4 1/2" across. Cup is 2"H and 3 1/4"W including handle. Bottom of saucer is marked Made Exclusively for Houbigant in Japan. Price:$10

#T&M12-BACHELOR TALC, Lorie. Nice silhouette of man in tuxedo. 3 0z. Full. Good conditon. Price:$10

#T&M13-PRINCE MATCHABELLI SACHET. This is a very unique item. I have not come across one of these before. A pink satin pillow sachet with a Matchabelli Crown and the letter"M". Original beige box with a quilted diamond pattern and the Matchabelli crown and letter "M" in gold on top. Gold foil bottom and lid is hinged. Inside of the lid has Prince Matchabelli in gold. The original cellophane is still present though it has been split. Ribbon which is connected to the box is tied in original bow around sachet. Prince Matchabelli, Ave Maria is on the bottom back side of the sachet. Pillow sachet measures 4 1/2"D and 4"W. Box is 4 7/8"D, 4 3/8"W, and 2 1/4"H. Ave Maria tm 1929/1926. There is still a nice fragrance eventhough the cellophane has been split. Really nice! Price:$55

SOLD#T&M14-NYLOTIS LIQUID SHAMPOO, Nyal Co.. Old heavy bottle with original cork stopper. Nice labels. This is old drug store stock from S.C. I purchased several powder boxes there also from the same company. Glass has a kind of rainbow effect when tilted just right. 6 1/2"H and 2 1/4"W at shoulders. Has a diamond and number 11 moulded on bottom. Price:$20

SOLD#T&M15-THREE FLOWERS TRAVELETTE BOX, Richard Hudnut. Nice box with wonderful graphics. Is now empty and has some kind of plastic or celluloid twisted hairpins in it. Box shows some wear (not nearly as bad as pic. came out), but overall good condition. Measures 4 1/2"W, 3 1/4"D, and 1 1/8"H. Lid is hinged to bottom. Price:$8

#T&M16-MIKADO COLOGNE CARD, Fleming Bros.. Gorgeous perfume advertisement card. Picture is of a young girl in a woven basket in the countryside. Front reads-Try Rich Mikado Cologne price 25 cents. Prepared only by Fleming Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa. In the lower right hand corner in very small print is this-J.Ottman.Lith.NY. Back tells of other Fleming Bros. products. This card was from B.G. Ridgeway, Drugs, Perfumery & Toilet Articles. Cedarville, Ohio. The detail and color on the little girl's face is outstanding! Price:$25

#T&M17-VIOLET TALCUM POWDER, Clinton's. This is a beautiful tin that has never been opened. With the exception of the crazing, which doesn't look nearly as bad in larger pictures, it is in wonderful condition. The front and lid has a picture of a victorian looking lady. Front of tin reads-CLINTON'S Violet Talcum Powder, Clinton Talcum Powder Co. New York U.S.A. Back tells of uses for Infants and Adults. Also reads-Clinton Talcum Powder Co. Laboratory Providence, R.I. Albert H. Clinton, President, Frank P. Marsh, Treasurer. Email for larger pictures if truly interested. Price:$22

#T&M18-VIOLET SACHET POWDER, Larkin Co. Nice graphics on label. 3 3/4"H and 1 1/2"W. Brass screw on cap with one small dent to right side. 1 oz. Full. Slight wear to label, still has nice color. Price:$25

SOLD#T&M19-FRIENDSHIP'S GARDEN BATH SALTS, Shulton. This is a wonderful bottle. Bottle and salts weigh 1 1/2 pounds! Clear glass with hobnails above the shoulders and green enamel leaf design below. Green enamel glass w/cork stopper. Paper label around neck with a couple roses and black lettering. Label has darkened with age. 6 3/4"H and 3"W at shoulders. Never opened. Freindship's Garden trademark was obtained in 1940. Name first used in 1939 by Shulton. Price:$22

SOLD#T&M20-PILLOID CABINET CO "ART BOXES". Beautiful cedar, brass straps, copper coated handles and key latch, yellow damask lining, red and gold foil reverse logo sticker, goldtone-pressed powder compact (2"dia. x 3/8" engine-turned case), rouge case (1 1/2" dia. x 3/8" engine-turned case), oval lipstick tube 2", glass perfume flacon, capped with dauber 2 3/4" x 3/8" sq.. Box is 12 1/2"W x 6 1/2"D x 4"H. Circa 1921. Very good condition. Slight oxidation to straps, handles and latch show wear to copper finish, key missing to lock, and the lipstick doesn't open. Price:$150