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SOLD#BS1-FLAMBEAU, Faberge. Wonderful Faberge set that is untouched. Set consists of: Flambeau Bath Perfume 1/2 Fl. Oz. still sealed in cellophane around the cardboard box, Savon Flambeau soap 4 1/2 Oz. still sealed in cellophane (also has a plastic travel soap container), and a sealed talc of Flambeau that is 2 1/2 Oz. All three fit nicely into a vinyl red alligator purse that measures 6 3/4"W and 5"H. Very nice condition except for the staining to the inside of purse from talc, though the talc is not discolored. Price:$40

SOLD#BS2-FRIENDSHIP GARDEN, Shulton. Nice older set with great graphics on the box. Set includes one 2 FL.OZ. toilet water and one 4 OZ. dusting powder. Powder is green and white plastic with pale green puff marked Friendship Garden. Toilet Water has green plastic screw on lid, gold label, and green enamel leaves around glass bottle. Box is in great cond. except for sticker mark in upper right hand corner. Comes with an outer cardboard sleeve. Price:$25

SOLD#BS3-TIGRESS DEBUTEETE, Faberge. Super set in origianl box. Set includeds 1/2 FL.OZ. cologne (3/4 full, I believe due to evaporation) and two 2 1/2 OZ. French milled soaps. Cologne has tiger fur screw on cap which is in very nice cond. Stands 3"H. Ribbed glass bottle with gold enamel lettering. Bottom embossed Paris France Faberge 1/2 FL.OZ. Both soaps have a black and gold Tigress label on clear cellophane. One is completely intact and other has come slightly apart by the label. Also has some slight damage to the bottom edge (see picture). Box is in very nice condition with slight wear to the top front corners and there is a mark on the back where sticker was removed. Box measures 5 1/2"W, 3 1/4"D, and 1 1/2"H. Really nice presentation! Price:$45

SOLD#BS4-CHRISTIAN DIOR SET. Great set of four parfums- Tendre Poison, Dolce Vita, Dune, and Poison. This set is mint in box. All four are glass bottles with glass stoppers. Two stand 1 1/2"H, one is 1 3/4"H, and one is 2"H. All have gold enamel lettering that reads the name and Christian Dior Paris. The box is 9"W, 3"D, and 2"H. Inside lid of box is marked Christian Dior in gold lettering. Left hinge is loose from bottom of box, but still closes nicely. Box has a gold crisscross design with CD in the X's. Price:$55

SOLD#BS5-FAIREST LADY, Lander. Nice older set that includes 1 FL.OZ. cologne, 1/8 FL.OZ. perfume, and 3 OZ. dusting powder. The contents and box lid have very nice graphics. The lid does show some wear and has two marks where tape was placed and removed. The cologne, perfume, and powder have never been opened. Price:$20

SOLD#BS6-MAJA, Myrurgia. I believe this is an older set of Maja, due to the graphics on the labels. Set includes one cologne or perfume (no markings on box) and two soaps. Price:$20